Honor the Harvest: From Farm to Table
and Back Again

HTH logoThere’s a lot to learn about dairy sustainability

In 2007, U.S. dairy farmers and companies committed to being leaders in sustainability. The sixth annual U.S. Dairy Sustainability Report describes how we’re making this goal a reality – from caring for cows to collaborative actions.

Sustainable Dairy Farming

Red barns, sky-scraping silos and green open space as far as the eye can see. It’s this iconic scenery that makes the New England landscape as unique as its residents. And, it’s local dairy farmers that preserve this land for all of us to enjoy.

Sustainability-ImagePeople are increasingly considering sustainability factors when making food choices for their families. They are interested in knowing that the foods they buy are produced and processed in an environmentally responsible manner. The dairy farm families of New England are strongly committed to utilizing sustainable practices including:

  • Providing jobs and stimulating economic stability in our region
  • Producing healthy, nutritious and affordable dairy products for our communities
  • Demonstrating environmental stewardship and innovation

Dairy farmers, processors, milk transportation companies and others in the dairy community came together to establish clear sustainability goals in 2007. This collaborative effort has united dairy from farm to table to measure and improve the environmental, social and economic sustainability of U.S. dairy. The Sustainability Commitment ensures that the dairy industry produces high quality, nutritious dairy products in a way that protects natural resources, supports communities and is committed to reducing environmental impact and improving community well-being.

The dairy community has reduced its carbon footprint by 63% since 1944, and has pledged to reduce that figure by an additional 25% by 2020. A portfolio of projects are underway to achieve this goal.

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