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40,000 More School Breakfasts Served in North Providence, RI

Innovative school breakfast programs help reduce barriers to students eating a healthful morning meal every day. Whether a North Providence School Department student wakes up late or sits down at their desk as the bell rings, expanding school breakfast programs—such as Grab ‘N’ Go or Breakfast in the Classroom—ensures students won’t miss out on the most important meal of the day.

During the 2015-16 school year, this Rhode Island school district added two new Breakfast in the Classroom programs and four Grab ‘N’ Go programs at their elementary schools. In addition, new Grab ‘N’ Go school breakfast programs were added at both middle schools. After one year, and in comparison to the previous school year, more than 40,000 additional breakfasts had been served.

Both Centredale Elementary School and Marieville Elementary School saw breakfast participation quadruple. For Dr. Edward A. Ricci Middle School, their Grab ‘N’ Go program saw a 120-percent increase in breakfast participation.

Besides ensuring students have easier access to a healthful morning meal, teachers, nurses, and administrators have noticed major differences. For instance, improvements have been seen in student test scores, attendance, and concentration while in the classroom. Fewer student visits to the school nurse have also been noticed.

Thanks to the increased breakfast sales at these schools, the district was sold on the benefits of expanding their breakfast programs. Grab ‘N’ Go breakfast program was then added at the high school.

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Updated February 21, 2017