Molly McKendry

Healthful Halloween Night Snacks!

It’s almost Halloween!


For many children (and adults), October 31st is long-awaited for its spooky festivities and unique traditions. Perhaps the most popular tradition of all, trick-or-treating, has been around for close to one hundred years in the United States. Nowadays, it is common to see grocery stores beginning to stock their shelves with large bags of candy in the months leading up to the holiday. In a recent survey of over 6,500 Americans, 94% said they planned on buying candy for the Halloween season.

Whether you do or don’t celebrate the holiday, you may have purchased candy to have on hand for trick-or-treaters that come knocking well into the evening. Having a bowl of Halloween candy nearby can make it tempting to indulge, and while a few pieces of candy is fine, keeping healthful snacks close by can help to curb cravings.


Here are a few nutritious snack ideas to try out this Halloween!

  • This Frozen Yogurt Bark provides protein from Greek yogurt and fiber from fresh fruit. Variations in nuts and fruit help to keep this dish interesting! Love the unicorn trend? Check out our healthy and delicious unicorn yogurt bark version!
Unicorn Yogurt Bark
Unicorn Yogurt Bark
  • These Mini Phyllo Quiches make one apple go a long way!
  • This simple, yet tasty Chocolate & Banana recipe combines fresh fruit, yogurt, and chocolate together to satisfy a sweet tooth! (Tip: banana slices topped with chocolate can be placed in the fridge to harden)
  • These Roasted Chickpeas are made using only a few ingredients and any combination of herbs and spices you like (or other toppings, like Parmesan cheese). They are also packed with fiber, protein, and heart healthy fats which help to increase satiety.


Happy Halloween! 🎃

Molly McKendry

Molly is a registered dietitian and Manager of Nutrition Communications for New England Dairy & Food Council. She is responsible for providing communications and public relations support for our Fuel Up to Play 60 program and Health & Wellness teams in New England. In her free time, Molly likes to run, read, and travel. Sound like someone you want to get to know? Contact Molly at