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Staff Field Trip: Mapleline Farm

This post was written with help from our own Kliey Putnam,Public Relations and Media Specialist.

We aren’t like every other company.

Rather than sit in our offices under the same roof, our staff work all across New England to ensure we’re accessible to schools, dairy farmers, health professionals, and families. We meet in person, online, and over the phone, but sometimes it’s nice to see a colleague’s face–especially those of the entire team all at once!

That’s why we come together as a team every other month. We educate one another, brainstorm, problem solve, and catch up with one another’s lives. Sometimes, we also go adventures.

Our staff on the farm!
Staff photo

Our staff meeting location was relatively close to Mapleline Farm in Hadley, MA, so we took our meeting to the farm to re-focus on why we come to work every day: To promote nutrient-rich dairy throughout New England and to honor the dairy farmers that work hard 365 days of the year!

The farm is home to 300 Jersey cows, which are caramel in color and produce milk with higher fat and protein contents.

On the farm, milk is produced, processed, and packaged and is shipped directly to the dining halls of University of Massachusetts at Amherst. The farm also supplies product to restaurants, coffee shops, and New City Microcreamery located in Hadley, MA as an ingredient in their ice cream!

We sampled chocolate, coffee, and a limited edition creamsicle milk!

As always, our dairy farmers taught us something new, and reminded us that every farmer has a different approach to caring for their cows. It’s always worth it to visit a farm and ask questions for yourself.


Updated September 3, 2017