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Meet NEDFC’s 2019 Boston Marathon Team!

We’re thrilled to introduce our first ever Boston Marathon team!  Meet Ryan, Anna, and John, our three marathon runners who each pledged to raise $7,500 for our youth wellness program, Fuel Up to Play 60. Help get them across the fundraising finish line by donating here. Then cheer them on as they Fuel Up and Mooove throughout their 26.2 mile run from Hopkinton to Boston on Monday, April 15th .

(How moovelous are their jerseys?!)

Meet Ryan!

Ryan Ng was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. When he first moved to Boston for his first year at Boston College, he promised himself he would run the Boston Marathon before graduation. Now a senior in his final semester, he is ready to check it off his bucket list! This is Ryan’s first marathon and he is glad he can support NEDFC while achieving his goal. He knows the value of a nutritious meal and relies on breakfast to fuel his morning runs and keep him focused in class. After volunteering with school-aged children he has seen firsthand the impact proper nutrition has on keeping kids focused and ready to learn. Follow Ryan on Instagram @ryan.runs.42 to see his Boston Marathon journey!

Ryan on a training run in Boston

Meet Anna!

Anna Johnson grew up in Northampton, Massachusetts before graduating from the University of Vermont and settling in Washington DC. Her track record proves she can accomplish any goal she sets her mind to. Despite considering herself a lifelong “non-runner,” an impulse in the months leading up to her 35th birthday told her to sign up for her first 10-mile race and hit the treadmill. She was hooked on the excitement and energy of running and signed up for more races, recently completing her first marathon this past January at Disney World. Though an injury in February threatened to keep her out of the Boston Marathon, Anna’s determined spirit did not allow her to quit. After plenty of training and physical therapy, she has pledged to walk the marathon while continuing to fundraise. You can follow her on Instagram @annasnotarunner to see her marathon progress!

Anna after her first marathon in Disney World

Meet John!

John Angier lives in London and is an avid marathon runner. He has competed in the London, Tokyo, Chicago, Berlin, and New York City marathons. Next on his bucket list is conquering the Boston Marathon. With a combined total of 131 marathon miles in his repertoire, we are glad to have John on our team!


Be sure to check out our fundraising page and head to the Boston Marathon on April 15th to cheer for our New England Dairy & Food Council team as they race to the finish line!

Clare Roach

As program assistant, Clare supports our New England-based staff to further regional dairy promotion objectives. Her role includes administrative assistance, school grant and data collection, and development support. She is a graduate of Boston University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in both Public Relations and Film & Television. Sound like someone you want to ge to know? Contact Clare at