Hot Chocolate Milk Grants

Deadline to apply is June 21, 2019

New England Dairy & Food Council is excited to announce a funding opportunity available from the Dairy Farm Families of New England to all middle and high schools in CT, MA, NH, RI, & VT. Funding covers heating and dispensing equipment. Funds can be used to purchase Hot Chocolate Milk heating/dispensing equipment such as the Chocolady Hot Chocolate Milk dispenser, insulated beverage dispensers, stock pots, ladles, and pitchers. Funds cannot be used to purchase or repair large equipment such as steam jacketed kettles or tilt skillets. 

Funds are limited and priority will be given to schools looking to add hot chocolate milk as an option with reimbursable meals. Funding will be awarded based on strength of plan and potential impact.

Submit your completed application to by 11:59 PM on June 21, 2019.


New England Dairy & Food Council is excited to share our new resources to help schools add hot chocolate milk to their menus.

Heating chocolate milk and offering it as hot chocolate


to older students is a great way to help increase milk consumption and attract new customers to your breakfast and lunch programs. Not convinced students will like it? Listen to what students at Auburn High School in Auburn, MA have to say about hot chocolate milk as a part of their school meal programs.  

We recommend the Chocolady dispensing unit to warm and serve hot chocolate milk to students. School Nutrition Director Janice King of Auburn Public Schools has great things to share about working with the unit. Product and ordering information for the Chocolady dispensing unit can be found here. 

Promotion is key with any new or existing program. We’ve created a great Hot Chocolate Milk Promotion Kit inspired by local coffee shops to help you spread the word.
Resources can be downloaded and printed in-house or at your local printer.