Students love smoothies!

smoothiesSmoothies are a great way to encourage consumption of low-fat and fat-free dairy at school. Funding opportunities through Fuel Up to Play 60 are available thanks to the support of New England Dairy Farmers. Schools enrolled in Fuel Up to Play 60 can apply for up to $4,000 to fund equipment and other needs associated with starting a smoothie program at school. Visit our Fuel Up to Play 60 page to learn more about how to apply for these funds.

Contact your local Dairy Council Representative to request information.


Looking to promote an existing smoothie program at your school? We can help! Download the following resources to get started.

NEW VIDEO: Smoothie Tips

NEW VIDEO: Using Immersion Blenders for School Smoothies

NEW VIDEO: Using Traditional Blenders for School Smoothies 

Smoothie Recipe Booklet 2015

Promote Smoothies at School

Smoothie Menu Sign

USDA Guidance for Smoothies in Child Nutrition Programs

We want to hear your ideas! Have you had success with smoothies at your school? Please share your accomplishments with us!


Check out our Equipment page for blender ideas to mix up healthy smoothies!