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Deadline Extension! Apply to become a Fuel Up to Play 60 State Ambassador by March 23rd.

ACT NOW!! Every student who applies will be invited to an exclusive, VIP Reward Day  at a local NFL Training Facility this Spring! Be sure to use this great resource (pictured right) to help spread the word. 

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Create your school’s own student leaders!

Active students can keep track of their involvement online by collecting Points through their Fuel Up to Play 60 Dashboard.

Those who earn at least 45,000 Points can apply for the competitive ambassador program and the opportunity to attend the national student leadership summit July 16th-19th, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Discover what our student ambassadors have accomplished throughout New England.

Find out how to apply as an ambassador by clicking here.

Meet Your New England 2017-18 State Ambassadors!

Plymouth Community Intermediate School, Massachusetts
7th Grade

Connor wanted to become a State Ambassador so he could help students in his school become more active and make healthier food choices.

This year, he hopes to implement a yogurt parfait snack in his school’s cafe and reinvent the morning and after school intramural program.

Connor’s favorite snack is yogurt.

On his future career: “I want to be a soccer player.”

Slater Middle School, Rhode Island
8th Grade

When Nathaniel is not in school, he likes to play football and basketball.  Nathaniel started playing football last year, and his favorite NFL team is the New England Patriots!

One problem that Nathaniel has been fighting in his community is littering, and the damage to the environment caused by it.

Stevens High School, New Hampshire
9th Grade

This year, Prescott wants New Hampshire to know more about Fuel Up To Play 60, and the perks of living a healthy lifestyle. At his new high school, Prescott wants to use the grants available through Fuel Up To Play 60 to enhance the school cafeteria and breakfast program.

Prescott’s favorite snack is a glass of milk with apples and peanut butter.

On his future career: “I really want to work in government, either at one of the departments or as a politician!”

Troy Elementary School, Vermont
7th Grade

Travis’ favorite part about Fuel Up to Play 60 has been meeting all the other people involved and getting others interested in the program.

Already, his school’s Fuel Up to Play 60 team has made a healthy breakfast for the entire school and completed the DMac Gives Back Challenge.

Travis wanted to become a State Ambassador because he wants to make a difference in his community and be a good role model.

Travis’ favorite hobby is farming. His favorite school subject is math.

On his future career: “I want to be a farmer or something to do with agriculture.”

Martin Kellogg Middle School, Connecticut
8th Grade

Bree wanted to become a State Ambassador because she wanted to make a big difference in her community. She also loves helping others and being active.

Bree’s school is most proud of completing the Marathon Kids Play from the Fuel Up to Play 60 Playbook. “So many kids participated and I think it was a great experience for them to stay active in a fun way with their friends.”

Bree’s favorite snack is cheese, crackers, and fruit.

On her future career: “I want to have a job working with animals because I love them. Being able to actually help them would mean the world to me knowing that I can improve the animals’ lives! The animals being cute is just a plus!”